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Air Purifier Mushroom Touch Lamp

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Air Purifier Mushroom Touch Lamp

AED 139.00

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  • This product is to achieve superior air purification dust, sterilization, effect of fresh air through the release of a large number of negative ions., With a mushroom shape of the lamp to create a feeling Huangruo jungle,
  • Touch-sensitive switch stepless adjustment, heart adjust brightness, high efficiency, long life LED lights in addition.
  • Sterilization, air purification effect is remarkable.
  • Generate 8 * 1,000,000 / cm3 high concentration of negative ions per second
  • The lamp 48 bright LED lamp beads, do lamp, meet the reading, learning to use.
  • Stepless adjustment switch, you can adjust the brightness of heart, not only do table lamp, night light also can be used to meet the lighting needs to be afraid of the dark sleep.
AED 139.00

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AED 139.00


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