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From an Industry to a World

From an Industry to a World
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From an Industry to a World

The fashion industry has globalized into a superior domain; the fashion world. Many people have this stereotypical perception of the fashion world, as only catwalk shows with slim beautiful models. However, the truth is that the fashion world exceeds this ideology. Fashion means being in style, whether by dressing the latest trends of clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup and hair styles. The fashion industry became worldwide and produces in masses at fixed prices.

Following a certain fashion helps portrays your true identity and your own personality; as it gives a glimpse to the other person what your tastes are. In addition, you dress, wear makeup and do different hairstyles according to the unlike behaviors each person does. Consequently, this helps in boosting one's confidence level, as you become more comfortable with what you wear and relieve the real you.

Media plays a huge role in the fashion world, as it has spread fashion all over the world through fashion magazines, websites, TV ads, blogs and social networks. Moreover, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the internet; helped spread fashion to reach a wide range of consumers; causing many fashion tastes to reachto different countries all over the globe. Furthermore, many actors, actresses, models and famous people are one way of causing the fashion world to intensify and escalate. For instance, if an impeccable, spotless model wore the latest bikini all girls would like to buy this bikini; this happens through public relations.

Fashion helps identify who you are and develop your personality, as you might become a fashion role model for some people. Besides, it helps in portraying beauty, as many people get attracted at first through physical appearances which sometimes can be deceptive.Fashion also gives you your status in the society, as it known that the elite class are professionals in the fashion world and how to get dressed. Most importantly, fashion helps strengthen your confidence as well as giving you a fresh start and positive vibes.

Always portray your inner feelings, beliefs and personality through your own fashionable way, where in Joliefi's fashion section we can help you be who you are.

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