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The New Craze

The New Craze
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The New Craze

Technology has evolved in the 21st century, creating new technological and electronic innovations such as; smartphones. Lots of individuals see smartphones as the virus who tortures people through invading their brains; as it leads to laziness and health problems. However, others believe that smartphones are compulsory in our daily activities, as they are becoming unavoidable by the human race ever since the day they made our lives easier due to the multi-task jobs they ensure, which include; phone calls, GPS, going through appointments, video calls, the internet and the emerge of applications that fulfill our needs. As well as they are the new path to technological development.

The emergence of smartphones triggered an increase in communication, through various social media sites; which include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Since many family members and friends communicate through such websites to strengthen their relationships no matter on which side of the world they are. In addition, the presence of cameras in smartphones made people connect through video conference. Moreover, many businesses use social media websites as a marketing tool as it became the new trend.

Smartphones are beneficial for educational purposes, as many schools require their students to use iPads and Samsung tablets for studying, which is less time consuming for research, more comfortable and easy to use, as well as they bring audios and videos to life. Moreover, smartphones contain educational applications that are targeted towards all age groups to learn numbers, letters, diverse languages and many more. For instance, a five-year-old child would be able to learn the Alphabets and numbers through apps found on a smartphone.

Smartphones will give the advantage of being able to access the internet at anyplace in anytime, as they have become more advanced and sophisticated. They are now very useful in businesses, since they allow smooth communication in remote areas, as the job can be done from outside the office, for instance, by sending emails or financial statements or closing a deal through social media networks such as Skype. Furthermore, projects can be done through your smartphone, such as "Microsoft Outlook" that can be found on other electronic devices.

Whether you are an innovator or an early adopter, smartphones have become a craze all over the world as well as to the development of electronic devices. Therefore, leave any comments below for your opinion.

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