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Who I want to be today

Who I want to be today
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You wake up every day wondering who you want to be today. Perfume can help you decide what you want to be every day. With the help of the ancient Egyptians perfume was created by mixing herbs, spices and flowers to create a unique scent of fragrance. However, in the 19th century, the modern perfume was developed into a wider range of different types and scents made by well-known brands.

To begin with, one spray of perfume can help define one's personality, their mood every day, their approach and intentions towards others and their taste. For instance different scents can tell a lot about who you want to be today, as a particular scent can associate with the different mood swings you possess.

Firstly, is the floral scent which is sweet and romantic as it also reflects the good girl inside you such as "romance by Ralph Lauren'', as you will love the fragrance. Secondly, the fruity scent where it smells fresh and spicy and you can wear it on a first date or a movie. Thirdly, is the green scent with its startling natural and energetic scent; that can be worn on a gathering. Finally, is the oriental scent which portrays exoticness and distinct femininity, which is mainly worn for seduction, such as "Gucci Guilty." Consequently, all these scents can help elect what character or mood you want to be in today.

Moreover, perfume has been categorized into different categories; the cologne fragrance such as "Bvlgari Soir" that we sell at JolieFi through our online destination, where it has the least fragrance concentration. Therefore, it only lasts 2 hours and is mostly worn in the morning. Next is the Eau de toilette, which is the most popular type of fragrance, it lasts for 2-4 hours and is worn in the afternoon, such as "Mark Jacob Daisy". Lastly, is perfume which has the highest concentration of fragrance and lasts more than 6 hours, however, it is the most expensive and is usually worn in the evenings, such as "Lacoste Touch of Pink."

Furthermore, is the benefit of wearing perfumes; which mainly concentrates on smelling good, since perfume creates a unique and allures the atmosphere you are in with a miraculous scent. In addition, it helps enhance your confidence as it reveals your personality and help set a sincere mood. Wearing perfume can also help in attracting the opposite gender with only an astonishing and bewildering scent.

JolieFi offers a huge variety of different perfume types and scents, each with an exceptional and unique fragrance of very famous brands, which help define your personality and assist your mood. You are welcomed to shop at our online shop through Joliefi.com
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